It’s been a long road….. one thing for sure is that the Climax Blues Band of today carries the same standard of quality as it did when the band formed back in the late 60s and achieved such great success and recognition through the 70s and 80s, huge selling albums like FM / Live and Gold Plated, the 1976 hit single Couldn’t Get It Right (from Gold Plated) and I Love You in 1981, the reputation carrying right through until the tragic death of founder member Colin Cooper in 2008.

Colin’s death could have meant the end of Climax Blues Band but his desire was for the band to continue creating the fine blues blend that the band has been associated with since its formation, and that desire has been accepted with relish by the remaining members of the band.

George Glover has been at the keyboards in Climax since 1981, very much part of the nucleus of the band, Lester Hunt on guitar joined in 1986, drummer Roy Adams in 1987 and Neil Simpson on bass in the early 90s.

This solid unit has flown the Climax flag with tremendous passion and style. Now there is a spring in their step, taking the band forward and already pleasing crowds throughout Europe, the ‘seamless’ transition in carrying on creating the unique Climax sound is the result of hard work, disguised by a band having a great time making music….

Graham Dee was recruited in 2012 to front the band. With his own distinctive style and a pedigree on the blues scene which included performing with The Blues Collective, The Red Lemons and joining ex-Feelgoods in The Lone Sharks as well as session vocals and voice coaching, at the same time Chris ‘Beebe’ Aldridge took on the saxophone duties with a fresh and exciting dynamic sound, both adding their own dimensions to the musicians that have carried the flag for Climax as a unit for over 15 years, in Les’s case over 25 years, and George for over 30 years.

Security Alert - The Official Live Bootleg was recorded live at Leek Arts Festival and released in 2015 on ATA.

Perfectly capturing the band’s new energy, this live album is a brilliant showcase for the band’s new members Graham Dee and ‘Beebe’ Aldridge and reassuring fans everywhere that the true Climax sound is very much intact and moving forwards. The album was mixed by Roy Wood (Wizzard, ELO, solo).

The Blues came calling first, but rock and roll was always waiting around the corner. When Chantel was eight years old, she was the youngest person in the UK to pass a Rock school exam. At 12, she was jamming in her native Bradford and evolving into a gifted musician.

A female guitar prodigy, at fourteen Chantel was told by major labels that she had a "great voice, but girls don't play guitar like that!" Wisely ignoring the comments, she enrolled at the Leeds College of Music and became the first student in the college’s history, to achieve a 100% pass mark, with 18 distinctions. Chantel left with a First Class Honours degree in Popular Music and a coveted prize, for outstanding musicianship.

In previous years, Chantel stepped out in the pro-musician world and her stunning live performances demonstrated that she had the ability to perform rock blues for the new age, played by a musician born with an effortless virtuosity. Since then, she has built a loyal and growing fan base who follow her every move.

When Chantel released her 2011 debut album, Like No Other, one critic said, “Chantel McGregor deserves to be held up as a messiah of blues-rock and given her own mountain. She doesn't strum or pick her guitar but almost bends and distorts it, as if she's channelling the ghost of Hendrix through her fingers" 

When asked about performing on stage, Chantel said; “Playing live to great audiences is one of the most wonderful feelings, I feel lucky to be able to do something that I love, see the world and bring happiness to others through my music."

If you measure an artist’s prospects by the company they keep, then Chantel has been moving in the right direction. Early in her career, Chantel was invited to perform with Joe Bonamassa, on two of his UK tours.

In 2011, Chantel's debut album, Like No Other, was produced by Livingstone Brown, whose production credits include Ed Sheeran, Robin Trower, Tina Turner, and Shakira. The end result was a beautifully crafted debut album that showcased Chantel’s versatility and talent as a singer-songwriter.

On song writing, Chantel says, “I really enjoy creating my own songs, it's a fantastic way of being able to say what I wouldn’t normally say in everyday life and getting my feelings out, writing for me is very therapeutic"

In 2014, Chantel was voted by the British Blues Awards as Guitarist of the Year for the second consecutive year. Winning five awards in the last three years (including Young Artist of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year) in competition with highly regarded peers, is something to be extremely proud of. It was a refreshing change and a justifiable first in the history of the British Blues Awards that a female artist had been voted Guitarist of the Year.

Chantel was recently nominated again in the Guitarist of the Year category in 2015‘s British Blues Awards.

In 2014 Chantel began writing and recording her second album Lose Control, this being due for release in October 2015.

British Blues Award winners Catfish have carved a reputation for themselves as an excellent live band with a phenomenal frontman in 22 year old guitarist/vocalist Matt Long who plays with a real passion for the blues.

They received two nominations in the British Blues Awards 2015, taking third in Emerging Artist, and followed this with three in 2016, taking first in keyboards and third in Young Artist.

The band crashed onto the blues scene in January 2015, with their debut album ‘So Many Roads’ going straight in at no 1 in the IBBA blues airplay charts. Their EP, a tribute to BB King called ‘When BB Sings the Blues’, charted at no 5 in February 2016.

In January 2017 they released their much-anticipated second album ‘Broken Man’ which is almost entirely original material. This is blues with a very broad brush - from epic prog anthems to stripped back piano ballads.

The guys of Southbound : Tom, Elliot, Dan, Jordan and Aaron have an average age of 18/19 and not the age for musicians you would normally expect from a Blues Rock Band- But with Southbound that’s exactly what you get- Paul Stiles Editor –Blues in Britain Magazine.

Writing and playing their own Blues, Blues Rock, plus a little something in between, Southbound are heavily influenced by a heady mix of Blues, Southern Rock, Latin Rock and Motown and the music that they love listening to: Allman Brothers Band, Humble Pie, Santana, Ry Cooder, Peter Green, Rolling Stones, and a huge variety of other artists and bands.

These influences blend into the Southbound sound that they hope is entertaining to both listen to and watch live.

2016 has been an exciting year for the guys, having just released their self-titled 7 track EP which was recorded with the brilliant Aidan Connell at Goldmine and the hugely experienced genius Steve Honest at Hackney Road Studios- they are proud to showcase a selection of songs from the repertoire of material that they have been writing and arranging together as a band. 

They have tried to replicate their live sound without too much studio trickery- with most tracks recorded studio live, but they still manage to achieve a warm rich and at times punchy sound that they were looking for.

Southbound love to perform live and work hard at being entertaining, this year they have been so lucky to be invited to perform at some truly iconic London venues: Troubadour, Borderline, Half Moon Putney and the 100 Club Oxford Street, both on their own on their own and also as support to some fantastic artists and bands.

Featuring three members of the award-winning Bare Bones Boogie Band, whose last album, 'Tattered & Torn', was voted one of the best of 2013 by 'Classic Rock: The Blues' magazine, Born Healer is a brand new band from Helen Turner (vocals), Iain Black (guitar) and Andy Jones (drums), who are joined by new boy Marek Funkas on bass. 

The band got together earlier this year, and have been gigging since the summer, taking their live show around the UK.  The band introduced themselves to the world with a feature in Blues in Britain magazine in July and some teaser videos of rehearsal demos released via their website (

Musically, Born Healer play soulful, heavy blues, with a groove, and Helen has been likened to such great names as Janis Joplin and Maggie Bell.  The fact that Robert Plant dropped into see her, Iain and Andy play a pub gig last year speaks volumes, and makes Born Healer one to watch in 2015.